Generate more sales with data from the apps you already use.

ZeroStorefront is a purpose-built customer acquisition and retention tool for local businesses. It takes data from the same apps you use every day, and turns it into more ratings, reviews and most importantly, more revenue.

Say goodbye to manually entering customer info

Spend less time building customer list and more time growing your business

ZeroStorefront automatically captures your customer data from the same apps you use every day and then builds a customer list. We focus on growing your customer list, so you can focus on everything else. Automatically grow your customer list with ZeroStorefront.

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The customer journey includes a lot of apps

Don't rely on one. Capture customers from all of them.

ZeroStorefront tracks your customers across many applications. It identifies the best types of customers for your business, and helps you find more like them. Expand your customer base with ZeroStorefront.

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You don’t have to be a genius to be really smart about your customers

Common sense charts and analytics built with data from your apps.

You have enough to worry about. The last thing you need is to become a data scientist too. ZeroStorefront makes it incredibly easy to get the right data to the right people and surface the important customer insights for growing your business. Build customer acquisition and retention analytics with ZeroStorefront.

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Ratings & Reviews

Turn more reviews into more revenue.

ZeroStorefront makes it easy to spot and address product and service related issues by automatically gathering and analyzing data from all of your review apps, including Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook. We also make it quick and easy to respond to your reviews, so you can keep your existing customers happy and entice new ones.

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Voice & Text

Turn phone records into repeat orders.

Get a lot of phone calls? ZeroStorefront can turn those phone records into more customer reviews, sms campaigns, loyalty programs and more sales. In addition, it tracks analytics on the effectiveness of your customer success team. Learn how to turn phone records into repeat orders.

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How it works
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Easily connect your apps using our pre-built integrations
ZeroStorefront currently works with dozens of applications including point-of-sales, delivery apps, reviews sites, chat, phone, and other applications.
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Track data across apps
Easily discover where customers are coming from, how much they are costing you, and how much revenue they are generating. Understand where your products and services are doing well, an where they need work.
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Automate customer acquisition and retention
Identify the apps and strategies that drive the most sales, then use ZeroStorefront to automate them. Automatically share data between applications to capture more reviews, build campaigns and grow revenue.
Discover and retain customers using data from your existing apps
Turn your existing data into dollars
ZeroStorefront automatically collects data from all of your apps to help you generate sales and automate customer acquisition. Get started for free.